Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Thanks for your post on putting one of these together it saves me a bunch of work.

With regard to testing the inverter and controller cards after building them, I have a test routine that starts typically with 30mA current limit and 12V. As various tests and results are obtained we can increase voltage and current to the increments in the test procedure.  As part of the total post here I will include the test procedures for controller and power pcbs along with bill of materials etc.  

I am pretty good at not letting the smoke out as things are brought to life by determining very early if the units are working ok.

When connected to a Power board there are some further tests, again with low voltage starting at 0V and increasing to 6 I think (- at work cant check right now) and 0.1A current limit increasing to 1A before choke and transformer are connected.

The power PCB can be powered from 0-50V with the sinewave increasing proportionally to voltage increase and if all is well it will begin to regulate at ~230V at around 45V if all is well.