Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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FYI - This is the single Toriod that I will be using.

This Toriod is from an old Aerosharp GT inverter and is rated at 2kW (in a sealed case).

I unwound the secondary and wound 26 turns of 8G cable for the testing. This will be replaced with heaver gauge once everything is finalized. With cooling, the Toriod could easily run at around 4kW for a few hours.

The Choke is a test choke, standard item from China and current good for around 180A before it runs out of inductance and becomes a long piece of wire.

This inverter will have two chokes the same size and configuration as my main inverter - Two 6 stack SI toriod rings with 4 turns of heavy gauge cable each. These can be seen on my main build.


The small Variable 0-60v power supply is the white box next to the DSO.

Behind the heatsink is the old Driver board, it will be replaced with the Nano R6.

Even in this state it can start very high power loads and run at over 5kW easily when on Batteries. I've tested this toriod before at those levels.