Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Posted: 01:27am 08 Mar 2024      

I wanted to test the the inverter power board with and without the Ferrite Beads shown in the circuit.

They do indeed make a big difference, I would recommend fitting them.

The beads are fitted in the Drains of Q9 to Q16 in the circuit shown in the first post, beads are marked as L9 to L16 - not very clear in the circuit.

The beads I used are Electus (Jaycar?) LF1251 or FX1115. They are about 4.2mm diameter x 5mm long the hole in the center is ~ 1.3mm.

They need to be small as indicated and just fit over the Drain (center pin).

FYI: Found an old pix from Wiseguy showing the Ferrite bead.

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