Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Posted: 08:17am 08 May 2024      

For anyone interested, the Nano controller is now running in my main inverter - I had the property running off grid on it for a few hours this afternoon in the testing phase, only up to 4kW though, I ran out of time today and hopefully I will finish the conversion tomorrow.

I really miss the Peak input current meter that was on the V5 SYM controller. I have a small board I made when designing it initially, and I really need that back in with a connection for Peak DC-OC to the Ext OC pin on the Nano controller board.

I'm pleased to report that noise is again not an issue for the nano controller - all LCD readings are as expected, and the startup shutdown and error tripping is perfect - it actually saved the Inverter when I had one lead back to front - and the LCD error info was 100% accurate, I knew exactly what I had done.