Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Posted: 08:50am 08 May 2024      

Mike, at the beginning of this thread a schematic for the power board was posted. Now I just trawled through the whole post to see if there is a schematic for the control board as well (the one with the Nano on it) - could not find it.

Was there ever such a schematic posted? I'm curious if and what the difference from the earlier Nano boards of Poida's is to get such a remarkable AC voltage regulation.

I have inverters here, running both, the EG8010 and Poida's early nano for the control but they do not get anywhere close to the AC regulation you posted.

Since PCB design is fun for me and 100x100 boards are cheap, I would like to see if I can replicate your AC regulation results.