Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Posted: 06:23am 09 May 2024      

The inverter conversion is taking longer than expected - by  the time I redress cabling and verify all connections to LEDS etc.

I tired a few workshop machines with big Induction Motors, then I tried to start the 2.2m high bandsaw with two big heavy flywheels that are rotated up to full speed almost instantly.

The inverter went over current. I knew it would happen as I had the AC trip current set at 35A, I had to set the OC trip to 50A to stop it tripping.

The AC waveform hardly moved - you could see the fast correction for both load and unload events, it kept the amplitude almost constant to within a few volts under the load of the bandsaw.

AC was around 230vac @ 48A. The Inverter DC Input hit a peak of 400A @ 52V.  

It did not faze the Nano controller at all - No noise induced voltage trips, even under that big load.


The only problem I had was with the USB connection to the Nano - I wanted to re-calibrate the AC current under a constant big load, so I has a USB connection. The USB port on the PC would lock up when the inverter powered UP - it had to be RF into the port and cable (think of the earth loop as well) anyway, 3 turns of the USB cable through an RF Noise toriod and - Perfect.

That pretty well seals it - The harsh RF noise working environment does not faze the Nano.

NOTE: The Nano is mounted on a ground plane and the controller PCB ground plane mounting hole is, of course, bonded to the ground plane via a brass standoff.

I showed this towards the end of my previous build - the ground plane made a huge difference to the induced noise into the previous 8010 based Controller Board.
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