Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Posted: 08:54am 10 May 2024      

FYI the Nano controller has been running for over 30 hours non stop, not long, but it's been doing some heavy lifting. The interesting thing is AC regulation is much better then previous inverters, and better then the V5 controller and 8010 chip.

I really noticed that this evening, my wife had a larger air fryer running, I only realized it was on when I looked at the extra Inverter load of 2.3kW switching on and off.

Granted it's a resistive load, but the inverter load is switching from 360 watts to  2.6kW and the LED fluro batten lights are not indicating any change.

FYI The Battery and Cap bank are dropping 75mv when the load increases by 2.3kW, no solar, batteries only. The only indication of any load change on the DSO AC sine wave, is one slight "line thickness" change in the 7" full screen waveform amplitude.

The AC voltage on the LCD ACV and the True RMS indicator on a separate Mains voltage monitor are still showing the same AC voltage after the load change. In reality it's a couple of volts as it corrects - but it corrects so dam fast.
As usual, there is not a sound from the inverter - but that's normal, even with a 7kw resistive load dumped on this inverter, I assume most inverters would be the same on resistive loads. And as before, the bad loads are virtually silent.

I have my DC input peak meter running, I only need to calibrate the Peak DC current trip for the Nano, a tomorrow job.

The last thing to test is the Nano AC relay control of the ATS (auto transfer) and normal AC load connect, again a tomorrow job.