Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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I finally fitted my DC peak OC trip to the Nano Controller. Mike (WG) was nice enough to include a steering diode on the controller board, so the only modification to my original peak current board was the addition of a 1k 10 turn pot. I fed 0 to 4 v DC into the peak board until it indicated 550A, then adjusted the 10 turn pot until the inverter tripped.

I also wired up the Nano controllers "AC relay enable" to control a small relay that switches DC inverter input voltage to the existing ATS - this ATS wants to see the correct battery voltage before it will switch (dam ATS includes a low battery dropout setting as well) the ATS is not that accurate. Anyway, this replaced my old AC detect circuit and sense transformer, so as a bonus I got to remove even more stuff from the inverter. Got to love this new controller!!!

The result: If for any reason the inverter shuts down or stops, the AC output relay now switches instantly - It's controlled in the PWM code the instant an OC event is detected, and enabled at the end of the soft start handover in my "Auto mode" setting, or by the desired AC voltage in settings.

EDIT: This means I/we now have the means to control a big Dual Power Transfer Switch directly, I posted a pix of that earlier in the thread - I think?

Ah found it Transfer Switch page  

I have also included Low and High AC voltage setting trips, these can disable the AC relay if inverter AC output drops below a set point for 300ms, or over voltages for the same period, all adjustable in settings.

This controller design is so cool, so impressed with the work Wiseguy has put into the board, and Poidas spwm code engine which the controller is based on.

Kudos to all involved  

BTW, if I don't have the LCD connected, I now feel like I'm blind folded - The first thing I look at is the LCD - and in every single case it has told me exactly what the problem was.

I could never go back to just a LED indicator on an inverter again - I also like that from the moment the inverter is turned on, the LCD starts and indicates the running state of the inverter during power up.

Now I just have to modify the front panel to fit the LCD - that will likely be the trickiest part of the conversion.
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