Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Posted: 05:04pm 11 May 2024      

  wiseguy said  
I dont use an Iron cored transformer and the usual bridge rectifier and electrolytic that was typically used before.

This Nano controller uses the ZMPT107-1 2mA/2mA miniature transformer which is used for AC voltage sense, the secondary feeds a precision full wave rectifier and there is minimal filtering along the feedback path combined with a low pass filter at the voltage feedback input of the Nano.

Thanks for the clarification.  I have used the ZMPT107 and ZMPT101B and they are both quite good, especially for the price.  The only notable issue I have seen is there can be significant unit to unit variance.  So, each unit needs to be checked/calibrated to ensure consistent results.  I have also used the TV-19 5ma/5ma transformer and it appears to be a bit less noisy and has better unit to unit consistency.  But its cost is a little higher.

I suspect the precision rectifier and filter are also key improvement factors.

  KeepIS said  
Just reread your post, the old Nano code that I initially modified is basically the same for the current pwm control code.

Good to know the control code didn't change so the improvement is most likely due to the HW changes.