Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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BTW, The Fan control on the Nano is brilliant, no more twiddling pots to get a close ON-OFF temperature difference to set and run accurately.

I find the mass of a big toriod needs an ON to OFF delta of around 3°c, and that delta is dependent on the Toroid temperature you decide to run your Toriod at.

That big Toroid mass is the reason I have two fans for the Toroid/choke compartment,  there is NO fan on the heatsink - it's so big that it will NEVER need forced cooling.

So I have the option in Code for two Toroid fans ON-OFF settings, utilizing the Heatsink fan temperature control as a second Fan control for the Toroid. The two fans are controlled by the same Toroid temperature sensor.

The Heatsink temperature sensor is still used to trip heatsink over-temp and display the HS temperature on the LCD. The LCD will now display F1 and F2 for Toroid fan on indications, and can display both F1 and F2 as being on at the same time.

Both fans are 240AC, one, the lower temperature fan, is quieter than the second. The second fan is set when the inverter is running above 6kW for long periods.

They are arranged in push pull layout. The lower temp internal fan pulls air in through the Power board and Controller compartment, and pushes it out over, and around, the Toroid and chokes, air exits out through the center of the Toroid.

The high temp fan is mounted below the Toroid on the underside of the cabinet, it pulls air out through the center of the toriod - The Toroid core has never gone much above 45°c.

It's just another small thing that makes this Nano controller such a dream to use and setup - I'm still trying to find a negative - but I can't.

Today is rainy and overcast, the front load washing machine is on a hot wash, drawing 2kW, the workshop has sanding machines, through wall fans and external deducted Vac running, along with all the other housed loads, another 2.8kW, all these loads are turning on and off all the time, I'm been on the Computer and there has not been a flick from the lights in my section of the workshop - WTF!

Only when the inverter draws over 350A peak DC input surges can I get a slight flick of the lights. That requires turning on things like a big Toroidal Power supply, it randomly surge starts to 400A, but only 1 in 12 times that it's powered-on. Typical of some SMPS and equipment with large toroidal transformers. I am unlucky enough to have quite a few of them, and some big SMPS devices.

EDIT: I posted the following a few days back for the Nano controller, I realized that the peak current was more than I had posted, I was looking at the wrong set of recorded data. This is what I should have said:

AC was around 230vac at 48A. The Inverter DC Input hit a peak of 486A @ 51V. I have posted DSO captures of this devices startup in the older thread - Running the same WG Power board and a controller based on an 8010 with the same Symmetrical Drive as the Nano Controller - The point was to indicate the stability of the Nano controller under very high current induction motor startup. Keeping in mind that the whole property was running off grid when that equipment was powered up.  
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