Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 02:05pm 05 Mar 2024      

That all looks very exciting Mike, congratulations on an amazing effort. It's fascinating to see the design evolve and gain more and more features.

The HY5608s sound like a worthwhile investment as well. I might have to keep a supply here in case I need mosfets at some stage.

And your output voltage tracking is insane. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Now I'm not game to ask what toroid you're going to use  ...  I suppose you've found a suitable one you don't have to rewind. I did wonder if I should offer to wind one for you  ...  in exchange perhaps, for a built up board so I can have a backup inverter for myself as well. I'll probably regret suggesting this.    Do you have a donor toroid to strip?