Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 08:20am 07 Mar 2024      

Hi Roger, I have loaded the car with all my toroids to be wound, will make a trip up there real soon  

A triple like yours is all I want lol. On a more serious note I was going to stack 2 x 3kw aerosharp toroids for my inverter, but now thinking this might be overkill. After one of KeepIS's recent posts I am rethinking something smaller.

My typical loads here probably range from 300W up to 5 or 6 kilowatts but these are like meal times etc and maybe last 5 - 45 minutes.

Mike said a 2.5kW unit would be fine for this type of intermittent use so the 3kW one is probably well suited for it and overnight with the minimal draw will be more efficient.