Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 04:23am 08 Mar 2024      

I follow why you chose not to individually isolate the Mosfets from the heatsink, many others have done this on the BS in the past.  For my builds, where I like to switch the FETs fast, I found out that the beads are worth installing due to the issues you have been dealing with. Fast switching reduces heat as the FETs spend minimal time in the linear region but it comes at the cost of ringing and increased EMI if you don't deal with it.

I am glad the beads (same ones I use) sorted it out for you I fit them without question now, I consider it better to have them and minimise risk of issues.  The FETs run with very low heat I have found so having the heat washers on the FET face does not really cause issues despite a small decrease in  heat transfer.