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At this point in this topic I want to ask if anyone out there reading this thread is interested in building one of these inverters? If you are please indicate - if there are more than 5 yes pleases I will continue to expand this post and no more replies are really required.

There is still the bill of materials, test procedures for the newly finished PCBs and the Variac to present. If there is no interest its fine but it will save me from a heap of time and effort.  And for Poida too who was considering to make a video of how to program a nano, calibrate the controller etc.

I believe that it is a pretty robust unit with some runs on the board and a lot of "bang for the buck". The inverter PCB set would probably cost around $30 to $40 posted. I would be happy to throw in 2 new current sense transformers and a couple of LCD/Nano interface boards that make adding an LCD simple with no wiring needed just some soldering.

Another option might be for the PCBs to be ordered in lots of 5 and shipped directly to each buyer. I would order the lots of 5 boards and create a new temporary shipping address with the PCB supplier for direct shipping.

I dont want to make gerbers etc available simply because I don't want anyone to capitalise too easy on the hard work for creating the design. Like wise the software will probably not be posted on the Forum but will be available by email request or similar method.  We could possibly even supply pre programmed Nanos for units to also safeguard all the effort Poida has gone to in creating the code.
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