Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 12:43am 09 Mar 2024      

Hi wiseguy, first of all, I wanted to point out something to anyone new to building inverters.

The Auto start and Manual start circuits and Block diagram shown, are typical of all and any inverter you might build. They all have the same startup requirements, but the use of the Nano and the way Wiseguy and Poida have designed and programmed the setting changes in the Nano is really neat, and it will make setup and changes a breeze, even if, at first, it may not appear that way.

Mike, I of course would love to see your setup post and Poidas video, and of course the Variac information (Adjustable 240VAC supply with adjustable current trip)

I will also post a complete build of the Autostart wire up, this is almost the same as my current big inverter, just from a safety standpoint, that is absolutely the way to go - seriously!        

Way back, I actually purchased two other boards for an inverter build. Once I got hold of the Wiseguy board and design, there was just no contest in it for the size, quality, stability and relative simplicity of building Wiseguys design and power board.

IMHO, in combination with the New Nano R6 controller, it's simply unbeatable.

Mike, you likely already have me down for a couple of boards including the Variac controller.

Wiseguy If you see any errors or omissions in my thread, pleas feel free to correct me. I'm trying to keep it simple, but some meaning get lost or miss understood when I try to do that.