Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 03:37am 09 Mar 2024      

  wiseguy said  At this point in this topic I want to ask if anyone out there reading this thread is interested in building one of these inverters? If you are please indicate - if there are more than 5 yes pleases I will continue to expand this post and no more replies are really required. .

Yes please thanks Mike, I'm certainly interested  ...  just as a spare backup inverter.

  Quote  I have never replaced the other 3 when only one has died, despite the theory that others may have suffered I have not found that.  The lower FETs though are very unlikely for any to have survived, so usually all have to be replaced.

Very handy to know, thanks Mike. I probably tend to worry about the "what-if" and so change them all  ...  but it's nice to know it isn't always neccessary.

Regarding your way of determining the shorted mosfet, it won't really help too many others, but I have a Polar 850 benchtop tester that reads down to .1 milliohm and that is very helpful in determining where shorts are located.

Of course you need to regularly sharpen the probes and push hard to make it effective.