Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 08:41am 22 Apr 2024      

this is looking nice, WG

The PWM % is very useful in sorting out how many turns you really need
for the primary.

Most times I build or comment on this, I suggest
a primary that will run at the required AC output at 80% PWM
This allows for some voltage drop from the battery, through the power bridge.
And it allows for some drop through the primary & choke(s).
My build always use far too small primary conductor copper area
'cos I am cheap/stupid but the inverter is built for low power for most of the time
and 10x low power for 5 or 10 minutes max. bursts. Let things get warm and let the fans
cool things down, plz.

If you build an inverter with good, thick primary cable and good thick battery cable
and 4 FETs x 4 or even 6 x 4 then you could get away with running at higher PWM %
This would be good, it means lower DC current (from battery and through FETs)
and lower PWM current in the primary and choke(s).
(lower DC current means better efficiency)

This PWM % will be a useful design tool for optimising the build.