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Posted: 10:04am 12 May 2024      

Peter, I think Nicks was looking at it from the LCD nano controller and whether a CAN bus could be simply added on to the LCD Nano. I am guessing he just wants to relay on the LCD information on the CAN bus.  I read his his query as can I have back (free up) the real serial port pins of the LCD Nano for the CAN interface and swap some other free pins for the ones just stolen for the LCD drive.

This is not to suggest I love it or you will too, just saying what I think Nick is after, yes I think the Inverter controller Nano has enough/plenty to do already.

  KeepIS said  I'm about to build another controller board for the backup inverter, so apart from A7 link and some minor overlay markings, are there any real differences between the test board that I'm using and the final controller board?

I am reviewing the controller with a view to adding a couple of pots to remove any positive offset. For the dual MCP6002, nine out of ten chips work ok with no positive offset - so its either add more bits or juggle the existing chips around to find a combination that has no positive offset for the LCD readout.

I could also make it so that a single select resistor is inserted to just remove/cancel any positive offset, which takes up less room and is the way I am leaning for now.