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Posted: 11:01am 12 May 2024      

Yes, exactly Mike, I will not touch a good working code (at the moment :p).
Just looking for a simple way to combine and read all measurements from distance.

I recently made (still a bit of finishing to do) a proto electronic load for testing powersupplies at work (buck converter with resistor as load) and I needed to do the I²C bus and the spi bus on the right moments, updating the lcd (for debugging) was frustrating in the beginning when doing everything with 1 nano. So it learned me a bit what's involved there. There are 2 loads inside, for testing +-24V 16A, both loads are controllable with 2 potmeters or over can with isolated can transceivers. There is display with can interface that pols the can devices and displays some measurements. At that moment I wanted to learn a bit about can so I used that.

So from there my motivation, now interest grows to connect all my diy electronics with 1 can bus at home. Instead of using usb ports/hubs on the RPI, I blew 1 pi usb bus already experimenting with my eltek psu while doing this(connected to the generator). A can bus could serve as extra safety buffer between devices and PI.

I will go further in another thread for asking advice when needed. I first need to document my little nano boost MPPT controller. I will include a can interface, this work I can share over here without getting in to trouble.

Count me in for some WG boards, knowing you guys put lots of effort/time/love in this new revision I can't do better. Last time it was quite pricey to import something from AU, so don't know if there is a budget friendly way for EU. But I'm happy to pay for premium stuff if there is none.  
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