Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 12:42pm 14 May 2024      

  mab1 said  Hi Mike,
Regarding the chinese board: apologies, I didn't mean to add to your workload - for the small price of another board i may as well just get one, and when i eventually look at it i can post here for feasability and advice (unless you really want to do it of course   ).

I will not promise anything but I am curious to see what might be required to make it work with a Nano controller.

Re postage to UK I will check into it and the customs forms etc required & cost.

There are other solutions available which I will discuss with you via email or PMs.

I am curious, what do you expect postage cost to UK would/might be - a rough guess is fine, it just helps clarify what method we might use.

Not sure if there are any MPPT controllers kicking around - lets see if anyone offers up a couple.  Maybe Poida has some spare.....