Wiseguy New Inverter Build Nano R6

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Posted: 05:38am 21 May 2024      

Sure Michael, order modified.

Ok time to bite the bullet and ask for quantities of MPPT + Brain-board orders.

I suspect that a few of the inverter guys (yes you too MAB) are probably after some MPPT boards so I think it makes sense for me to order some if required and consolidate the freight for Inverter/Variac requirements to include MPPT boards at the same time if you want them.

If others just want MPPT boards preferably within Australia just PM me with quantity.
Cost should be similar to last order and I am guessing ~$15 ea ?? (Poida ordered the last lot).

Still working on BOMs schematics PCBs etc.  I'm wishing I hadn't retired so I could go back to work for a rest.....