My generator/inverter project ....

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For starters, if you want 120v a.c. puresine then if you can wire your generator for 175 - 200 v instead of 50v then your egs002  can generate the desired 120v a.c. waveform directly without a transformer. Usual caveat that playing with higher voltages can get you killed - don't do it unless you're competent to do so. Although, depending on what you're doing with the output you might want a transformer for isolation anyway.

I assume you want 15a at 120v? If you follow the above suggestion then you could manage fine with 4 IGBTs (better at high voltage than FETs probably). If you're sticking with 50v d.c. then you can still manage with single FETs as that's about 40A max at 50v by my reckoning, and there are plenty of FETs that can easily handle that. I.e. you can manage with fewer FETs than the circuit you posted.
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