My generator/inverter project ....

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  mab1 said  Ok,

For starters, if you want 120v a.c. puresine then if you can wire your generator for 175 - 200 v instead of 50v then your egs002  can generate the desired 120v a.c. waveform directly without a transformer......... you might want a transformer for isolation anyway.............

I assume you want 15a at 120v? If you follow the above suggestion then you could manage fine with 4 IGBTs (better at high voltage than FETs probably).

Thanks mab1, So if I generate a steady 175-200vdc and use the EGS002 and this circuit this would get me in the 120vac range ? Is that correct ? If so ,I do have a 120vac isolation transformer I could use. My understanding of components is limited but would luv to try the circuit with IGBTs but have never worked with one in my life. Could you make some suggestions (sketch) on modifying this circuit. I understand how to add my own 12vdc and 5vdc but am unclear on how to ground everything and keep the board isolated .