My generator/inverter project ....

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Pin15 is the voltage feedback circuit - you need to adjust that to set the output voltage. As that circuit looks to be for 230v a.c. i would suggest dropping the value of R19 from 200k to 100k as you're aiming for 120v.

Pins 5 and 9 are connected to the two sides of the HBridge and will have the full 120v a.c. on them - this is needed for the high-side driver circuits. But the output current doesn't pass through the pins - you take that from the h-bridge FETs (shown going off to the right in the diagram).

You would have to download the datasheet for the egs002 to work out what the feedback resistor should be, but it might not be too important as you're output current is going to be limited by what your gererator can produce anyway.