My generator/inverter project ....

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OK, couple of things as parts are arriving and I`m about to start putting something together. Could someone have a look at this updated schematic and point out anything that needs to be corrected. Still unsure about the current limiting resistor. Is the value correct and is it in the right place ?  I also added the control to pin 15 from even another circuit I found and it had a bridge rectifier in there. Is this correct ?
Also it was mentioned that I need a 1000uf cap to test. Is this across the DC output before the circuit ? I have 3 polarized caps that could work. A 1000uf/250V, a 1000uf/200V and a 2200uf/200V. Would and of these work ? I do have a 120vac medical grade isolation transformer I was planning on using. All advise appreciated, Thanks.

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