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It looks like you have a common mode choke, this one will have a very low saturation point/current, they can't store a lot of energy and this function is what you want. So this would probably mean why you are blowing up mosfets. Saturation means no inductance and so just a piece of wire, and high current peaks thru your mosfets as result, because of the 2,2uf on the output, this forms a very low impedance/resistance for the 10khz H-bridge output.

Find something with iron powder or better sendust material, or gapped ferrite cores.
It has a lot more windings, 100windings are very common most of the time and they can store energy, crude said to fill the gaps of the pwm.

Most info on this site about inductors are in the inverter or mppt controller threads, but the used inductance is much lower.  

This manufacturer has lots of goodies:

For example MS-184075-2 is a common used core material used for this kind of application, although 10khz is low and you might better of with a gaped silicon steel core, most often used in grid tied inverters.

We would need some numbers to help you make a decision, I think voltage/current output and switching frequency are the mean parameters we need to calculate something for you.

Or you said earlier you have some things laying around, look for some cores in a scrap bin and post some pictures, maybe there is something usable.
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