CMM2 G2 V2 design files

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Posted: 04:12pm 18 Apr 2024      

I just got my oder from JLCPCB.
I programmed it with the latest firmware V5.07.02b11.

All five boards are working. The packageing from JLCPCB was a bit cheaper than for my first order last year, but the boards are ship shape and bristol fashion. Nothing to complain here.

The first startup of the board was sometimes quite rough. Multiple resets were necessary.
Mostly the keyboard was not detected in the first run. Hopefully this behaviour will go away with batteries installed.

I also tried a PS2 mouse. In my first board I used the USB mouse chip but never get it working, so I was really exited to see the mouse working. And it did. Unfortunately, the interface is not very stable. After some clicks in the file explorer I got garbage on the screen and the machine finally froze. I will check this with another board later again.

There is onne thing, that is suboptimal. The on/off switch is difficult to operate without an extra tool if an USB-c cable is connected.

In general, I'm pretty happy with my purchase.  

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