CMM2 G2 V2 design files

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Posted: 05:22pm 04 May 2024      

I have a question to the Status LEDs.
I currently try to integrate the CMM2 in a nice retro housing and the last step is to adapt the LEDs to the new housing. But I have problems to access the Drive LED control signal. I found these connection points in the board, but they are connected between the LED and the resistor to GND, so I get only signal too small for my circuit. I need at least TTL levels.

What are these connection points for?
They are not mentioned in the schematics

I need to connect to the positive pin of the Drive LED but it is a very small spot and close to the board edge and the Nunchuk. Not the most ideal place to solder a cable to.

If I bridge the LED, will the port be able to handle the increased current?

Any advice is appreciated.

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