Very weird LCD problem...

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Posted: 03:39am 18 Apr 2024      

Yeah, I'm trying to find my logic analyzer, so I can connect to all the pins, and see what is going on.  I just can't remember where I put the bloody thing!  

EDIT: OK, I have found my logic analyzer, so I will capture what the hell is actually going on later tonight.  I have to go to a job right now, but I think I've had enough of this bloody board for right now anyway, and a break away from it before I come back and look with the LA, is probably a good thing!  

Job got cancelled at the last minute, so I hooked up the logic analyzer, and it appears to be doing the right thing at the MM2 end of things.

I attach a Saelae Logic 2 capture file - can anyone who also uses this software, please load this file and see if they can see anything wrong?

This capture taken by removing the LCD module, and connecting the logic analyzer directly to the LCD female header - so the signals seem to be there....


Please rename the zip file to .sal
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