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I have used the 170 based mites in a lots of industrial units. Most for
  some form of water treatment. Three of the main projects used DIN RAIL
  enclosures. Made them easy to deploy as they where using other DIN RAIL

I was playing with idea moving the design to the RP2040. But now the 170's
are back and do fit the jobs better. Maybe a RP2040 based PLC with I2C ADC
for PH, Conductivity & Temperature making use of the RP2040 ADC's for 4-20mA.

I have a few of Grogster's LVT replacing front end controllers for sites with
four or more watertowers. I use the 232module to receive/send data packets to
the office and the COM2 talks with my 170's handling blowdown valves and
feed water along with bio-chem pumps.

Having the video and audio outputs made them more or less self teaching setting
up and using. Where the units they replaced needed rep to walk them through it.


Feeling a bit better. Getting use to the new pains. See Dr again in a week.
Who knew failing 24" could do so much damage.
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