DIN Rail Case

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  Quazee137 said   Maybe a RP2040 based PLC with I2C ADC
for PH, Conductivity & Temperature making use of the RP2040 ADC's for 4-20mA.

MMBasic is the ultimate PLC language. I'm achieving things that were beyond my wildest dreams.
The PLC world is a total joke....$18,000 just for the programming software, in some cases(!!!!)

Feeling a bit better. Getting use to the new pains. See Dr again in a week.
Who knew failing 24" could do so much damage.

That totally sucks

I recently had only minor pain in my thumb-joints and man, I was whining like a little b*tch. No-way I could get used to it. Thought it was age related but it disappeared so I hope you make a full recovery