CMM2 Assembler

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I'm referring to
where someone did an assembler in another Basic dialect. I studied the source ( and it doesn't look that complicated.

By the way: Thanks for the datasheet about the command set   . I have already a whole bunch of them, beacause there is not only one ARM assembler as I have learned. Nevertheless, it will help me understanding the differences.

I'm highly interested in learning more about RISK architecture and the CMM2 is my road to  it. So, the "merit" question is not really important for me.

I have written software for almost 40 years now, starting with Basic/Assembler on a C64, Assembler/C on an Amiga, C,C++,python,Java on GNU/Linux. I don't know if by skills are sufficient enough writing an Assembler for the CMM2. I haven't done this before, but this is part of the fun, isn't it?

If you want to learn more about my programming skills I would recommend to have a look on my work:Air Rescue, Fort Micromite and CMM2Profiler and see for yourself.

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