ABC compares EV to Petrol

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That's a good article, I'll save that one for later

We bought the EV to replace a car that burned 15-17L/100km. It's charged at home either with grid (overnight) or grid tied solar during the day. I'm still working on my off-grid setup to be able to charge reliably from that and I do love the idea of being to make my own fuel.

I used to centrifuge waste motor oil with 50/50 diesel to make black diesel for my old mazda bravo, but I wouldn't dare do that with a common-rail.

We still own a turbo diesel 4x4 as a 2nd car (and towing/long distance). In the last 18 months we've put 34,000kms on the EV and about 7000kms on the diesel, when possible we use the EV.

My main reason for going for an EV was for simplicity and (hopefully) reliability, as long as the battery is charged and the tyres are pumped up, it's good to go
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