Windmill DIY Analog MPPT Circuit

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Hi Bob,

TOP job and nice presentation. 5*****'s
Think this should go straight to the home page as its own article.

I understand the work that goes into getting it all together to post something like this. Building the circuit is the easy part, putting the information together to give it to others to use, is far the hardest part. Thanks for sharing.

Yet to get my mind around the full circuit workings but at first read i liked the system.
Do you have a schematic with it all in one diagram?

I would like to see you post your rectifier heat exchanger on this 4m too, so perhaps it wont get lost, and i am curious on an update of its service. ( i was impressed when you first posted it on the otherpower site )

Horses for courses . Yes Gordon has proven that caps work and can work well.
I do question the life expectancy of caps, and it appear be a bit of trial and error with getting the cap size right to suit your mill.
Might say iron core transformer verses switch mode power supply. Both work, but differently.
Simplicity can have limits and drawbacks.
Circuitry can be limiting to a constructors ability's.
There is always more than one way to skin a cat and its good to have a choice.


Sometimes it just works