Windmill DIY Analog MPPT Circuit

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c2 and c3 are not electrolytics; I used them to help remove any high frequency spikes across the electrolytic caps. It is my understanding, but have no first hand experience, that electrolytic caps have low frequency responce and need a smaller cap to absorb the high frequency. Do any others have experience with this?

I'm new to this site and haven't been following Gordon's progress as much as I feel I should. My questimate is that his cap circuit works because it provides a capacitive reactance causing a voltage drop at the bridge rectifier's DC+ terminals at low windmill speeds and corresponding frequencies. This voltage drop could possibly result in a match to design TSR at low speeds. I don't know this for sure until I model it.

Thanks for your kind words.

I do have the circuit on one schematic. As configured, readers would not be able to see component values, etc. Maybe, I could reconfigure it vertically, remove some of the notes, move components closer together, etc.

I see no reason why I couldn't post my 20' windmill design on this site, including the rectifier heat exchanger. Thanks for asking. So far, the system is working well. I recently had a rub and had to tighten the hub bearing. I'm hoping it was a bearing race seating problem rather than a bearing wear problem. Time will tell. I'll keep you all informed.

Blessings and peace.