Windmill DIY Analog MPPT Circuit

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Posted: 10:21pm 27 Nov 2009      

Your suggestion for using a MOSFET driver like the TC4420 is most appreciated. I thought the MOSFETs were running warm for the current they were carring. You may have put your finger on the cause. Thank you.

With regard to being overcritically damped: This is what I know, so far:
The windmill rotor inertia sets the time constant for the system. It is on the order of seconds. The electronics have a much faster time constant on the order of miliseconds; the slowest one being set by the filter RC product downstream of the bridge rectifier. There is no sampling of power versus time (and its associated time constant) to determine slope for calculating the MMP. My observation is the electronics easily follow the rotor without causing an over or under damped condition and without significant hunting. I'd appreciate any more thoughts you might have on this.

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