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G'day Guy's,
           Well I did have to go back to find this thread and as I have said I bought a desktop computer from Cashies with win10 on it which was buggy as hell so I put my old Win7 home premium disk in and installed that and some of that fun is shown in my win10 thread.

Anyway getting closer as I have bought 3 off DM559 micro steppers and a USB controller board.

Here's a pic of the new board setup

Now on reading the DM556 datasheet one does need to put a 2K resistor on the P and D lines to reduce the current if 12 or 24 volts are used. Now as the schematic for that USB board does have a 10 volt input and in the drawing it shows 12 volts to that pin so with that old simmstick proto board I put a 7812 reg on and so far 3 off !k resistor in series to get 2K as going thru the Adelaide hills all the electronics shops had closed that I used to go to.

So went into Home of 12 volt and grabbed a 300 pack of resistors for $10   typically 2K wasn't in there so 2 off 1K's will do the job.

Now in my gear like I found those 50 amp current sensors only to find they are no longer made I new I still had some 7812 chips left. Well the only ones i found was in a DPAK form smd and found it was easy to solder them to the proto board. There is a 100uf 50 volt cap on the input and a 10uf tantalum cap on the output. I will put more earth pins on there to cater for the limit switch's etc.

So getting there and soon I do hope to get this running, I do have a mate coming down this weekend to have a look as when connecting something after close to 10 years a second is better than one.

Cheers Bryan