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Posted: 08:30am 24 Apr 2023      

G'Day Guy's,
           Well that PCI card turned up while I was away at work last week so today was time for some fun to see if I could get it working  

I setup my cnc the old way and the old controller board was just how it was left turning on nicely. So fired up Mach3 only to find it hang totally where only a extension cord reset would work  

Well on booting up again wifi was totally lost so no net and the computer just hung again so decided that was it. time to give LinuxCNC a go.

On the install it couldn't find the wifi so did a minimal install as it couldn't connect to the net.

This pci card did come with a disk and driver for linux so gave that a go only to find it failed due to the destination folder not existing. So had a play in the terminal making the new folders when Rodger rocked up so that was the end of the days play as the mossies were trying to carry me away.

As this distro is a minimal build it will take time to upgrade it but once I get this driver installed I reckon the cnc will become live again.

Cheers Bryan