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Posted: 06:33am 28 Dec 2023      

G'day Guy's,
           Well time for a update and that linuxcnc was a total failure   so this cnc has sat as a table ever since.

Now the more I think about this you guy's can always say " sorry no bananas with this one " but I do think and the more I think a CMM2 will get this cnc back to life.

Now as I have those 3 DM556 boards all I need to make is a board so opto outputs from the CMM2 to the modules are protected.

Got plenty of opto parts on boards here and with some veroboard the protoboard can be made.

The more I think about this is eh we need a pulse for enable, a pulse for forward backward and measurable PWM for the motion.

Take this with all 3 axis and only 9 pins are needed for the drive, now for the limits one can either just use one pin but as we have a 40 pin connector each limit can be detected.

I will need to get a USB power supply for the CMM2 as at the moment I'm using my torch which has a 1.5amp outlet. I got a 19" screen to work but that 24" lcd with all the usb outputs wouldn't work with the CM2.

Over the next few days I'll have a go at making a program but coding has always been my problem and the I think about this it time for an old dog to learn new things.

Cheers Bryan