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Posted: 07:35am 30 Dec 2023      

G'Day Guy's,
            I have been reading the datasheet on the DM556 and it will accept as low as 5 volts as the logic level and it does go all the way upto 24 volts.

I reckon it would be best to use an opto going to a NPN transistor and pulling up the logic lines to 5 volts then using the digital output pins to switch the logic for the enable and direction pins.

For the pulse pins PWM so the speed can be adjusted also hooked upto a count pin so the CMM2 can know when the distance is reached.

Now I do think to read the G-code if the file was set to a text file each line could be decoded one at a time.

Going the opto route is the safest and best way but I'm asking just to see if will work hooking the pins straight upto the DM556 and see if the steppers actually move or just wait and build the opto board first.

Cheers Bryan
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