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Posted: 10:49am 30 Dec 2023      

Well guy's there really is only one way to learn so with the last day of my holidays the 19" monitor, the CMM2 and my torch to power the CMM2 are headed upto the shed to see if I can get these stepper motors going.

I tried to get MMEdit going on this new linux setup but no go on setting it up to work on the desktop as this distro was doing the win$ucks thing saying the file wasn't trusted.

So I'll be armed with the user manual and programming manual on my laptop and wire up the CMM2 to the DM556 boards and use the ground from the CMM2 for the and just see if I can get this old router back to life then that can of worms will open up      

If I get some movement I'm going be up to welcome the new year trying to get my code working and the CMM2-CNC will be alive. As I am going back to work on the night of new years day to setup Menz for the new year ahead and eh we all like those choccy's so I have to keep the place going on night shift. Eh for a 59 year old guy to go from a low from nothing to a 148K job one can say I'm enthused to say the least.

Where that esteemed forum member Murphy said just kick the can down the road when all else has failed I can see where this CMM2 will route a circuit board in time.

Now if I can get some movement I'll put in a dial indicator to count the steps needed to go 1mm then use that count for the COUNT pin. Now for the pulse pin a ramp up ramp down routine will be needed so when we get to a tool it's all set.

I am thinking of making a probe with 2 micro switches for reading a part so when the first micro switch is closed the pwm is slowed when the second micro is closed the Z axis is raised so we can read what ever is put under it.

Yes I am thinking ahead but eh how do projects get started.

Cheers Bryan