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Posted: 07:53am 05 Jan 2024      

Well while trying to sleep this morning my phone kept beeping   but eh that package with the probes and fet driver chips did arrive so got to dial in both probes but as far hooking up the CMM2 forgot to bring up the torch.

Now my thoughts are just setup an interrupt so the pulses and use a function called F so it can be read by the G-code file for feed. So I do need to count the interrupt for distance to find just how many are needed to move 1mm.

Tomorrow I will hook up the CRO to look at the signals and I reckon I have to increase the pullup voltage so no more direct hookup I do think as pulling down a 15   volt pullup the output pins from the CMM2 maybe damaged.

There are 13 opto's on my old controller so I can use them and use a BC337 on each line to control the signal. That way the CMM2 is isolated and I do have plenty of proto board here.

Now I have just spent a week at work and left my USB dongle at home so it will be in my bag come Sunday night so inbetween breakdowns I can be reading and learning on how to code.

So if the CMM2 can open a file to read by changing a cnc file to text one should be able to read the first character which will be X,Y,Z,F,S then the number after to execute the command.

So a big week ahead to learn but this weekend time does need to be spent getting those MPPT trackers working and making the clamps to hold the panels down.

Cheers Bryan