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Posted: 02:01am 20 Apr 2024      

G'Day Guy's,
           Well finally some shed time and got thinking about this project, now that old parallel port controller still worked from back in the day and years ago I did make a pcb breakout board to get access to all the pins.

Found all my data I recorded so got the old Mach3 info and the parallel port pin outs so connecting to the CMM2 will be easy.

I'm waiting on a PS2-usb dongle so I can get the mouse going, now I did have an old PS2/USB mouse a microsoft one and when trying to load that well the CMM2 reported the mouse didn't connect and went into error mode. Disabling the mouse fixed the problem and I do have an old PS2 mouse here.

Now the way I want to go is make a GUI file then each task can be done before moving on to the next one.

I did put 2 extra outlets on Z axis frame so the capture mode will be a good one to get going.

Regards Bryan