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Posted: 07:52am 21 Apr 2024      

Well the fun continues I tried connecting my win10 laptop to the CMM2 and only to find windows said it couldn't recognize the drive   So thats one hurdle to get over next week.

Anyway I got on to Altronics today and got some pcb connectors so that parallel port board can have all new connections and for the output pins on the CMM2 got a mixed pack of breadboard connectors where I can simply solder on longer wires to suit.

Made a start on the code and with only a 3 day work week all the stuff should be here by mid week and I'll keep on writing the code at work over night for a few hours each night. Plenty of comments in the code so I can see just what I'm doing but I will get there in baby steps.

So my plan of attack is to use this old parallel port 3 axis controller which does have a second port for other items like a lcd displays etc. Also need to find just how the parallel port signals are used like OC or digital etc so more hunting.

Cheers Bryan