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Part 1

Hi Guy's,
Well finally got around to taking some pic's of the cnc. She's about 95% finished and the x and y axis's are working nicely and calibrated to under 0.001"

This is a rear view of it, the bed is some 20mm resin bond fiber board which is used in the electrial industry for high voltage boards. I scored a 600x1200 length for free.

This is a front view and I do need to source some 20mm angle to install of the front of the sides of the Y-axis to brace it up

This is the X-axis motor setup

This shows the x-axis setup

This shows the Y-axis motor setup

The Y-axis head unit is made from a block of cast iron and I bored 2 holes to suit oil light bushs, the rails are 3/4" 4140 round bar and when setup there is less than 0.001" deflection.

Run Of picture space so the next post will detail more.