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Posted: 10:28am 10 Dec 2013      

G'day Glenn,
Yea mate the shed is getting a cleanup albeit slowly as too many jobbies get in the way Anyway went back up to the shed after dinner last night and tried a few other things. One thing I found with isolation milling using Sprint Layout one needs to export the file in HPGL format. Now the fun part of that is although all the settings are in metric in Sprint Layout the output comes out to imperial. Mach3 will convert the HPGL file then I open the file in Kcam to convert it over to metric. The trials I did last night showed YEA it will work but one needs to ensure the spacing between tracks is wide enough. for cutters I'm using broken carbide drill shanks and for now just freehand grinding them on a silicon carbide grinding wheel, that Quorn tool and cutter grinder I got partly finished is back on the bench and I'm nearly there to get it working so that will be used to make and sharpen cutters for the cnc.

Regards Bryan