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Posted: 11:34pm 10 Dec 2013      

Hi Vasi,
Thanks for those links and I had a good read this morning and my final goal is to get this cnc running on EMC2. But until I get the cnc totally finished and my new electronics room in the new shed setup the cnc will stay in my shed. But I can't get the net in the shed so running ubuntu and getting everything without a net connection would be impossible.

Anyway today I redid the HPGL output and designed up a new board for our fridge as that is one project I need to get going on. Anyway honed up the tool with a diamond board and got the pcb design converted over to G-code. I did find in the G-code it would come up to a drill point then the Z would just go up and down twice. No problem so put a pcb board on the bed, secured it with 1" masking tape then ran the dial test gauge over the surface to find it was within 0.1mm.

Anyway cool got it running and apart from one track that was cut too thin the board was coming out nicely. Then with say about 10 minute to go the cnc stopped moving but the code in Mach3 was still running. My dog came in the shed and pulled the ground out (not knowing) and that was it one scrap board.

O'well ol' murphy did say 'leave something to wreck ya day and I'll find it'. well today it did bite me on the bum so time to get all the limit switch's on and get the heatsink/fans on the steppers. Also need to put a pair of fans on the heatsink of the 3 axis controller as that get pretty hot.

So today milling out that board the way it did I reckon it is in good working shape so now I'm on the next path and thats learning the in's & out's of it and getting some goodies made.

Regards Bryan