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Posted: 11:52am 04 Jan 2014      

G'day Guy's,
Well the new 3 axis controller, engraving cutters and 1/4" collet finally arrived so got back into the cnc this week and had a bit of fun. Searching thru my dad's router collection I found a heap of bits that will be handy and I used a 19mm router bit to machine the table flat as it has a 2mm twist in the board.

I spent a heap of time reading as it has been ages and learning how to do a sub routine and finally got some code done for milling the surface.

Z-0.2 ' set the depth for new run
X600 ' X travel
M98 P0123 ' call sub
G91 Y15 ' increment the Y axis
G90 X0 ' back to global

At the end of the run I manually take the Y axis back to 0 and clean up the Y axis edge. Had the cnc running at 600mm/min and only taking 0.2mm cuts as that board is so hard. Got a bit late last night so today I'll finish the table surfacing and take a pic or 2.

Man trying to relearn G-code after a few years does tax the grey matter but I am getting there and next on the list will be learning the can cycle so I can drill holes for clamping.

Cheers Bryan