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  Quote  next on the list will be learning the can cycle so I can drill holes for clamping.

Would a example help?
G81 is the can drilling G-code command.
In the fist line of code below G81 sets the drilling cycle for all lines to follow until a different G-code command is used, X&Y are just the start locations for the first hole, Z is the depth of the hole below zero setting, R is the "retract" height the tool will return to between holes when travelling, F is the feed rate in mm/min

The code example will drill a line of holes at 25mm apart

N11 G81 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z-1.6000 R5.0000 F600.00
N12 X25.00
N13 X50.00
N14 X75.00
N15 X100.00
N16 X125.00
N17 X150.00
N18 X175.00
N19 X200.00
N20 X225.00
N21 X250.00
N22 Y25.00 X250.00

Here is a list of all G-codes incase you dont have them.

G and M-code reference
Rev 1.84-A2 10-15 Using Mach3Mill
the command prototypes not explicitly described as optional are required. It is an error if a
required item is omitted.
Summary of G-codes
G0 Rapid positioning
G1 Linear interpolation
G2 Clockwise circular/helical interpolation
G3 Counterclockwise circular/Helical interpolation
G4 Dwell
G10 Coordinate system origin setting
G12 Clockwise circular pocket
G13 Counterclockwise circular pocket
G15/G16 Polar Coordinate moves in G0 and G1
G17 XY Plane select
G18 XZ plane select
G19 YZ plane select
G20/G21 Inch/Millimetre unit
G28 Return home
G28.1 Reference axes
G30 Return home
G31 Straight probe
G40 Cancel cutter radius compensation
G41/G42 Start cutter radius compensation left/right
G43 Apply tool length offset (plus)
G49 Cancel tool length offset
G50 Reset all scale factors to 1.0
G51 Set axis data input scale factors
G52 Temporary coordinate system offsets
G53 Move in absolute machine coordinate system
G54 Use fixture offset 1
G55 Use fixture offset 2
G56 Use fixture offset 3
G57 Use fixture offset 4
G58 Use fixture offset 5
G59 Use fixture offset 6 / use general fixture number
G61/G64 Exact stop/Constant Velocity mode
G68/G69 Rotate program coordinate system
G70/G71 Inch/Millimetre unit
G73 Canned cycle - peck drilling
G80 Cancel motion mode (including canned cycles)
G81 Canned cycle - drilling
G82 Canned cycle - drilling with dwell
G83 Canned cycle - peck drilling
G84 Canned cycle - right hand rigid tapping
Canned cycle - boring
G90 Absolute distance mode
G91 Incremental distance mode
G92 Offset coordinates and set parameters
G92.x Cancel G92 etc.
G93 Inverse time feed mode
G94 Feed per minute mode
G95 Feed per rev mode
G98 Initial level return after canned cycles
G99 R-point level return after canned cycles
Figure 10.4 - Table of G codes

Sometimes it just works