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Posted: 08:28pm 04 Jan 2014      

G'day Guy's,
Finally got the table machined up using that code above and tweaking it as needed. I endup doing the last 2 two runs on roughing over 2 pass's then took some reading with the dial gauge and wasn't happy 0.05mm out global. So went and opened the new box of router bits and grabbed the 19mm cutter so I had a new cutter to use. Set the Z -0.1mm and gave it a run over twice and got the needle hardly moving on the dial gauge so I'm wrapped that was done (do need to make a vacuum for the waste).

For now I'm just going to set up the limits and use them for the home switch as now I've got the bed done the cnc does need to know where 0,0 is. I'll go active low like I did with with the E-Stop and use a separate ground so the parallel port doesn't show any magic smoke. ( Note to Shaun keep an eye on ya brother or no whiskey).

Also I have to make a hole on the table underneath so I can grease the X axis bearing as grease and freeze spray didn't totally stop the creak as the X axis traveled. I am thinking long term the X axis is going to need to be upgraded to a 25mm ball screw as the 16mm maynot be upto the length.

Still yet to find a decent G'code Editor as notepad won't cut it on some things I want to make.

Anyway as it's Sunday, cnc is parked and time to sit back as the next week will be a busy one.

Cheers Bryan